A lot has been said about the complexity of the Apple Watch UI. We have the opportunity to use gadgets every day, and still found it to have a steep learning curve. But it appears to be no match for a group of elders, who seem to breeze through the watch’s features like it’s no big deal.

In a new Elder’s React video, a group of senior citizens give Apple’s new wearable a spin, and take pretty quickly to the watch’s functionality. Maybe it’s because we’re somewhat used to what smartwatches can do, but these folks have an almost child-like reaction to the Apple Watch’s capabilities, showing genuine excitement for what it can do. It can text? It can take calls?

The participants seem to enjoy the watch’s fitness capabilities the most, which is one of the device’s strongest features. But even though they recognize the wearable can do a lot, some of them admit that a smartwatch is completely unnecessary, especially if it relies on a phone.

You know all about the Apple Watch; you know what it can do, what apps it can run, and even some of its deepest, darkest secrets. But it’s not just for young people like you and me. It appears anyone can pick up the Apple Watch no problem.