13-year old Canadian middle-schooler Thomas Hundal is not your average teenager. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the automobile industry that would intimidate any car salesman. In fact, Hundal is so attuned to four-wheeled machines that he walked into his local Chevy dealer and proceeded to spout off a deluge of knowledge about the Chevy Orlando. Then he moved onto the Malibu, and eventually the Volt, where his parents filmed him and edited the walkthrough video you see above.

Eric Lennox, General Sales Manager at Barry Cullen Chevrolet watched the 13-year old car prodigy from afar in amazement. "I met Thomas by accident," said Lennox. He showed up with his parents and knew everything about the Chevy Orlando. I was absolutely in awe about his knowledge and passion for it. But it wasn't just the Orlando. He knew about the entire Chevy line."

Lennox was so impressed with Hundal's knowledge of cars that he decided to make him a part of the Barry Cullen Chevrolet team. "I asked him to come in and do vehicle presentations for our staff. Thomas even lined up a ride and drive for one of his principals at school."

When I asked if Hundal's knowledge intimidated the sales team, Lennox quickly dispelled that assumption. "They have absolutely embraced Thomas and are mesmerized by his knowledge."

Even I was floored by Hundal's presentation of the Chevy Volt, as the virtuoso pointed out a few minute aspects of the car that I overlooked in my full review, like the ZR1 styling touch in the fascia. One thing's for certain: Thomas Hundal has a career lined up for him at the age of 13.

"He's brilliant. He'll be able to do whatever he wants to do," beamed Lennox. "He's so passionate about automobiles. His parents told me that if he was given a choice between Christmas and the Auto show, he'd pick the auto show."

I'm looking forward to more Thomas Hundal YouTube walkthroughs. Maybe someday he'll be an AutoBuffalo!

[Via: GCR]