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Warner Brothers is loosening its grip a bit on the 28-day rental embargo for video stores next week, but no such luck for kiosks or Netflix.

As far back as Oct. 2010, Warner Brothers has been trying to delay video rentals by 28 days after the retail release of a movie. The idea was that this would help bolter the declining sales the studio was seeing across the board. The studio liked the idea so much that in Feb. of this year it tried to double the length to 56 days for Redbox, but the kiosk company told them that simply wasn't going to happen.

Home Media Magazine is reporting that the studio is now backing off of this policy effective with the Oct. 30 releases, but only for brick-and-mortar video stores.

Yes, Virginia, those do still exist.

Video Buyers Group president Ted Engen told the magazine, "Maybe they too understand that distribution is pretty fragile right now. [Warner] needs video stores just as much as we do."

Only time will tell if this is a signal that Warner Brothers may loosen its grip on other pipelines for video content, but there has been no sign of any sort of movement on those fronts as of yet.

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