It seems that Warner Home Video, the video division of Warner Brothers, is really enjoying the 28-day rental delay it has imposed on Netflix and Redbox this year. Matter of fact, it’s liking it so much, they are apparently thinking about making that window even longer as soon as possible.

Get ready for a whole lot of very annoyed customers.

Warner Home VideoAccording to Bloomberg Businessweek Time Warner Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bewkes made a comment on a conference call that is ominous in its future implications.

So far the 28-day window has clearly been a success versus no delay. The question of whether we ought to go longer is very much under scrutiny. It may well be a good idea.,

Nothing would be done any sooner than the current agreements expiring in 2011.  There is also no indication of how much longer Warner Home Video, but our guess would be anywhere from 42 (six weeks) to 56-days (two months) as anything longer would just push the rentals into total irrelevance.  While the company may be enjoying more sales, somehow we doubt they would want to lose all of the rental revenue.

While we can understand Warner Brothers enjoying the extra sales, we can’t help but think this might increase piracy.  While four weeks ins’t an insane amount of time to wait for rentals, anything longer than that could drive customers to not only growing impatient, but also perceiving that the company is sacrificing satisfying the consumers for the lure of greed.  Every company is of course entitled to make money from their products, but at the total inconveniencing of their customers?

What say you?  Would you be willing to wait even longer for DVD rentals?

[via Inquisitr]