Update: The trailer has been released! You can check it out right here. The original article is below.

The official  full trailer for Justice League was abound to arrive any day now. The last trailer we got for it was back in July and lately Wonder Woman has been getting all the shine. But now it’s Justice League’s turn, and Warner Bros. is building up hype with four new “Unite the League” character teasers.

The four teasers show off Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash. The teasers are intercut with brand new footage of the characters. We’ve seen plenty of Batman and Wonder Woman, but Aquaman and Flash have been the mysterious characters.

In Aquaman’s teaser, he’s seen receiving his Trident from Batman and using it to manipulate crashing water in the most badass way. For Flash’s tease, he’s seen going lightning fast up some steps in an unknown location. During the Batman video, we get a clear look at his new slightly modified suit and the Batmobile shooting down an unknown enemy. With Wonder Woman, we may have gotten our first look at her Invisible Jet, although it wasn’t invisible in the teaser.

The only character that didn’t get a teaser has been Cyborg, but that may arrive some time before the full trailer drops. Batman, Aquaman, and Flash’s teasers came out a full day before Wonder Woman’s teaser.

The new trailer is arriving March 25

Each trailer let it be known that the full trailer is arriving March 25. It’ll probably premiere before Warner Bros. latest movie CHIPS out this weekend and will be available on YouTube as well. Once it goes live, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Check out all the teasers down below.