Netflix EnvelopeI'll bet that if you're a Netflix, Blockbuster or Redbox subscriber, the amount of movies you purchase outright has declined since you signed up to the service. After all, that's what these services are for, right? But Warner Brothers is hoping to change that. It wants you to purchase more of its films as opposed to just renting them, so it's going to make you wait longer to watch them on the three services listed above.

All Things D reports that a new deal between Time Warner's movie studio and Netflix, Blockbuster and Redbox will see the "window" between movies hitting the store for sale and being available for rent on these services doubled from just 28 days to 56. The move is said to be part of an ongoing campaign to boost declining DVD sales, and will reportedly be announced at CES in Las Vegas next week.

What's most worrying about this news is that the move is likely to encourage other studios the same. All Things D's report notes that when Warner Bros. first instigated the 28-day window two years ago, the other big studios soon followed with the same deal:

In 2010, it struck deals with Netflix, and later Coinstar's Redbox, to wait 28 days before renting its new discs. Coinstar and Netflix later landed similar pacts with most of the other big studios.

This will certainly be disappointing news to customers who subscribe to these services, and I don't think the move will be all that successful. If you're already subscribing to one of the services above, I think you're more likely to just wait the additional 28 days for the rental than buy the DVD outright — I know I would. Unless, of course, it's a movie you've been really itching to see.

How do you feel about this move from Warner Bros.?

[via SlashGear]