Before things get really bad in the Warner Bros. camp, it sounds like the studio is finally re-evaluating how it handles its DC properties. That means, to pretty much the delight of everyone, Zack Snyder is going to be under the ever watchful eye of Big Brother, with the studio apparently appointing Jon Berg and Geoff Johns to helm “DC Films,” a new division that’s dedicated solely to creating a coherent competitor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In essence, Warner Bros. will have its version of Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige, who acts as an overseer of the MCU. According to the Hollywood Reporter, DC Films will be “part of a broader refinement of executive roles at Warners, which has suffered a disappointing run of movies and has vexed producers and filmmakers, some of whom complain about a murky greenlight process.”

While Batman v Superman wasn’t a complete failure—I liked it; maybe I’m the only one—the studio is apparently very disappointed by how it was received at the box office, which is a big reason for the major executive shakeup. With Justice League Part One on the horizon, it doesn’t want to repeat what happened with Batman v Superman, especially considering so many other DC films are planned for the coming years.

It’s baffling that Warner Bros. didn’t already have a team together before DC Films was created. Instead, the studio allowed director Zack Snyder to run the show, with nobody else around to supervise him or the other DC movies in the pipeline. The good news is that Suicide Squad looks like a great first step in righting the ship, and with Justice League Part One not expected to hit theaters until the end of next year, there’s plenty of time to make sure it’s everything Warner Bros. was hoping for and more.

If nothing else, we can all take solace in the fact that not only is there a Wonder Woman film on the horizon, but a potential ensemble movie led featuring DC’s best female villains and heroes.