Batman Arkham Two Face

I'm currently blasting through and enjoying Batman: Arkham Knight, but that's mostly because I am playing it on the PlayStation 4. PC gamers don't have it so lucky. If you haven't heard yet, and that's impossible judging by the amount of noise around this story, the Batman: Arkham Knight PC release has been pulverized with bad press because of the poor condition it was released in.

The outcry only got worse when PC testers claimed that Warner Bros. knew of the conditions before it was released. In response, Warner Bros. has apologized in an open letter on the game's official forums, claiming that it is reviewing its internal review process so as to avoid this situation in the future. It also confirms that the Batgirl PC DLC will be postponed as well.

Addressing the PC performance issues is still our top priority and at this time, we believe we have identified a number of fixes for the larger issues that were affecting PC players at launch.  These fixes are currently being implemented into the game and once we have been able to do some initial testing, we'll have a better idea on the status of our progress.  We'll provide an update on how things are developing next week.

We can also assure you that because of this latest launch, we are modifying the internal review process for all of our games. For those who are waiting for the updated version of the game on PC, please know that we are working on this every day.  For the players who are continuing to play Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, fixes are continually being made to the game as we await the final updated version.

Our continued focus on getting the right PC fixes in place for the main game has had an impact on the development of all DLC content for the PC version of the game.  This means that the Batman: Arkham Knight – Batgirl: A Matter of FamilyDLC will not be available on July 14th for those who are currently playing the PC version of the game.  We apologize for the delay and only want to make sure that any content that we offer is up to the standards that PC players expect.

Have a happy fall full of AAA releases, gamers. We are far from these apologies becoming routine. Any bets on how many we'll be getting?