At one point in its history, a good 18 years ago to be more precise, Blizzard had been working on cranking out a point-and-click adventure game based in the Warcraft universe. Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans was planned for release in the twilight of the genre's popularity, and it was eventually canned so Blizzard could focus on other projects.

Over the weekend, a playable version of the game leaked through the Scrolls of Lore forum. A Russian player by the name of Reidor got a hold of the game and spruced it up to the point of being playable.

The story very closely follows that of Warcraft III with players controlling Thrall on a quest trough Azeroth, journeying to become the warlord that unites the Orc clans of The Horde. When the game fell through, it's very obvious that many of these story elements went into making the RTS classic. Fair trade? I think so.