The very first teaser for Warcraft has been released, giving fans something to latch onto before the worldwide trailer debut on Friday. I know, I know: teasers for trailers are infuriating and merely used as marketing fodder. But we have seen very little of Warcraft since its announcement, so any new footage is good footage.

This particular teaser actually gives us a lot to get excited about. Not only does Warcraft look visually stunning, but it gives an epic sense of scale very fitting to the Warcraft universe. As far as video game movies are concerned, this is by far one of the biggest—if not the biggest. Not only does it have to please longtime fans, but attract new audiences. Judging by this teaser, director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) has gone all out.

To coincide with today’s teaser, a trio of images were also released this week, providing a close look at orc chieftain Durotan, war chief Orgrim Doomhammer and knight Anduin Lothar. Warcraft is set for a June 10, 2016 release.