Wander looks like a genuinely strange and compelling experience. Bound for the PlayStation 4, this game lets players explore a tropical wilderness while discovering unique beastly forms.

You’ll fly with a griffin and, we assume, swim beneath the waves. There’s a story at hand, as the trailer above suggests, though it’s not entirely clear what it is your doing here, what you’re searching for or why.

But, hey, flying, sky diving and all sorts of stuff of that ilk. We’re down with that. Writer and Character Designer Crystal Flinn wrote about the game on the PlayStation Blog.

Since our time is nearly at hand, we’ve been working hard to develop tons of awesome new features, such as polishing the griffin flying experience to a high-gloss sheen. Anyone who thinks flying will simply be a matter of just pressing a button to get from point A to point B is in for a pleasant surprise, as it will require a little bit of skill and practise to master.

Luckily, practicing flying is ridiculously fun, as I can’t think of too many things more satisfying than successfully locating and gliding towards a thermal to have it lift you triumphantly into the air! Just keep your eyes open for downdrafts or you could find yourself grounded, your triumph rapidly turning into a sad trombone noise.

We’re also down with the close proximity of the release date. Wander is right around the corner. Literally, if you consider “the corner” to be “the weekend.” The game will release for the PlayStation 4 on June 4. Yep, next week!