The market for video-streaming HDMI sticks is already pretty crowded with entries from Google, Roku and Amazon, but there may be a new dongle on the horizon from an unexpected source. It looks like Walmart is gearing up to launch its own device called the Vudu Spark, though it could be way more limited than the competition.

The Vudu Spark passed through the FCC earlier this week, suggesting it could get an official release in the very near future. Walmart also trademarked the device last month, describing it as a digital media streaming gadget. The only problem is that this dongle will apparently only offer access to Vudu’s own library of videos, putting it at a disadvantage compared to more versatile devices like the Chromecast, Roku or Fire TV Stick.

Walmart has one big advantage though: its huge chain of physical stores. The company can push this device directly to shoppers in person, potentially at an extremely low price. Whether that will be enough to win over customers is unclear, but we’re curious to see exactly what the retail giant has planned.