To no one’s surprise, it appears that Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States, will begin selling Apple’s various iPad versions beginning this coming week.  And, no need to fear, if your store doesn’t get them in the first wave, more stores will be receiving shipments through the early part of November.

iPadIt looks like Apple is planning on a big holiday season for its iPad tablet. Just last week the popular device launched in the Target chain of stores, and beginning nex week it will be showing up in 1,000 Walmart stores across the United States.  According to MacRumors, Walmart store managers have started receiving emails about the roll out of the iPad in their stores.  While only 1,000 stores will receive them the first week, more will be added each week through early Nov., and it sounds like 1,800 or so stores of the total 3,500 the company owns in the country.

Interestingly it won’t be just the six versions of iPad that the stores will be receiving, but also docks, power supplies, camera kits, cases and more.  The tablets will be displayed in special cases that will feature a demo model playing a video that demos all of the various aspects of the device.

Despite Walmart being known as a mass discounter, don’t expect anything other than the list prices on the iPads, but that is the status quo for Apple products.

It sounds like come the holiday season you won’t be able to throw a rock without hitting an iPad at a retailer near you.

What say you?  Think there’ll be enough iPads out there this holiday season?