Did you snag an SNES Classic Edition pre-order through Walmart earlier this week? Well, you might want to check again if you paid for one. Reports are coming in that Walmart has been actively canceling these orders with an explanation that the retailer is totally at fault.

Lucky for Nintendo, it apparently isn’t the only company that will stomp all over your heart for this machine.

According to Walmart, the pre-order was put online by mistake. Varying reports are coming in, but the most prevalent among them is an image of a Walmart representative speaking to an upset customer, saying that the pre-order was a “website error, since the manufacturer doesn’t have the preorder yet.” In other words, the pre-order went up too early, and if you managed to score one, it wasn’t legitimate.

Walmart also came out and straight up said it was a mistake on its official Twitter account.

Try again next time.

Don’t worry either. We’re due for a world of horror stories over the SNES Classic before the end of 2018. Your pain won’t be the last.

UPDATE: Walmart has now officially confirmed the cancellation in an email sent out to customers.