iPad 2 Right

We couldn't believe it when Apple unveiled the iPad Air last fall only to announce it would keep selling the iPad 2 for $399—the same price it charges for the brand new Retina iPad mini. Now, Walmart is slashing $100 off the iPad 2 through February as part of a larger mobile promotion, which should make the aging iPad 2 a little more attractive.

Beyond the iPad 2's discount, Walmart is offering trade-in discounts of up to $100 on all its iPad models. The retail outlet is also offering at least $100 for any "working smartphone" when you trade-up for a new handset with a two-year contract. The company is offering the iPhone 5s (16GB) for $45 up-front, the iPhone 5c (16GB) for 1 cent, the Galaxy S4 for 1 cent, the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Mega for $1, and the Galaxy Note 3 for $186.

If you're looking for a new smartphone Walmart has some pretty good deals. As for the iPad 2, you should just keep in mind that the hardware is already showing its age. For just $100 more you can pick up the much newer iPad mini with Retina display, and if you have an old iPad sitting around you can knock $100 of that price as well with a trade-in.