The iPhone 5c has only been on the market a few short weeks and already electronics retailers are slashing their prices in an effort to attract more customers. Earlier today, Best Buy announced it would drop the colorful smartphone’s price to $49.99 this weekend only, and now Walmart has revealed it will sell the same device for $45 starting today and lasting through the holiday season.

When asked if the new iPhone 5c price drop is a response to Best Buy’s new deal, Walmart spokesperson Sarah McKinney avoided offering a direct answer, instead noting that the company is “always looking for ways to surprise our customers with low prices and disrupt the competition.”

These continued iPhone 5c price drops seem to suggest that Apple and iPhone retailers may not be seeing strong interest in the mid-range handset, especially compared to the flagship iPhone 5s. Early reports indicated that the more expensive model accounted for the vast majority of sales over launch weekend, suggesting that customers are less interested in the 5c at its $99 price point.