Walmart announced this week that it is piloting a new service in which it will help deliver groceries to customers using ride-hailing services including Uber, Lyft and Deliv. It will begin delivering groceries to customers who live near stores located in Denver within the next two weeks.

You won't be able to just order anything from Walmart all willy-nilly and expect it to arrive at your door, though. Instead, Walmart said that it's going to have a selection of items that can be delivered by an Uber or Lyft driver, and that customers will then need to select a specific delivery window. The company has a staff of employees on hand that will grab everything needed, order a driver and then make sure your goods are on the way. The service is not free, customers will need to pay between $7 to $10 through Walmart's online ordering platform, the company explained. Customers will not need to pay the driver, however.

The move is certainly an effort to compete with Amazon, which offers both Amazon Fresh – a grocery service – and Amazon Prime Now, which promises that some of its items will arrive within an hour or two. Walmart, to its benefit, already has thousands of locations around the U.S., which gives  it a bit of a leg-up in the on-demand delivery process. Amazon has already proven its quite exceptional at the service, however, so let's see how Walmart and Uber/Lyft compare.