We’ve all made a purchase online that we ended up regretting for one reason or another. And while companies try to make it as easy as possible to return them, most of us end up forgetting to return them during the allotted time because of various hurdles.

Walmart announced on Monday that it is aiming to ease the entire process thanks to a new feature in its app.

Starting in early November you will be able to start the process within the Walmart app, then when you arrive at one of Walmart’s 4,700 locations, you will scan a QR code at the Mobile Express Lane, hand the item to an associate and you’re done. You will find the refund for the item in your account in approximately a day.

At first the returns will be just for items purchased on Walmart.com, but store purchases will be added in 2018. The company is also looking at how it can streamline returns for items sold by third-party sellers via its website.

“We know that returning an item and waiting for a refund, especially for a product purchased online, isn’t always seamless, so we’ve completely transformed the process for our customers – whether they are shopping in stores or at Walmart.com,” said Daniel Eckert, senior vice president, Walmart Services and Digital Acceleration, Walmart U.S. “By leveraging our physical stores and the Walmart app, we’re changing the returns game in ways that only Walmart can do. Throughout the year, we’ve added features to our app to make it an even more powerful, time-saving tool for our customers shopping online and in our stores; Mobile Express Returns is our latest enhancement.”

Walmart has been focusing a lot of attention in 2017 on its mobile app. Previously the company added Mobile Express Money Services to the software, which is now available chainwide. The company is still rolling out its Mobile Express Pharmacy to additional locations.

With Amazon purchasing the Whole Foods chain, it definitely appears that the lines between online shopping and traditional brick-and-mortar locations are blurring more and more.