Is there a Walking Dead-sized hole in your life? Good news: Ahead of the show’s anticipated return later this year, fans of the undead will get to experience the grim apocalyptic world thanks to a new attraction opening up at Universal Studios Hollywood on July 4. Hope you don’t scare easily.

The attraction comes after previously being a part of Halloween Horror Nights, which transforms the theme park into a nightmare hellscape every year. Now, visitors to the park will be able to get their Walking Dead fill whenever they want with a walk-through attraction that simulates what the zombie apocalypse would be like. Just, you know, without having your guts ripped out.

A video was released earlier this week detailing how the new attraction was made, so check that out to learn more. It really looks like special effects studio KNB EFX, which partnered with the theme park to make the attraction, is really going all out by creating animatronics, prosthetics and more.

The attraction is being described as “intense,” so if you’re under the age of 13, Universal Studios says you might want to sit this one out. You’ll be able to experience the world of The Walking Dead for yourself beginning July 4.