Waking up in the morning is arguably one of the top three more despised facts of life. Unless you're incredibly disciplined, chances are—like me—you hit snooze once or twice (or more) before actually heaving yourself out of bed. Like, ugh, it's time to wake up. Today sucks.

While the stock alarm setting in iOS is handy enough, it's a little too easy to accidentally turn it off thinking you hit snooze. Not that that's happened to me, it's just what I've heard. So why not make waking up a little more pleasant through good design and motion control? Maybe people will stop accusing you of waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

As you can see in the video above, Wake Alarm is dead simple to setup. When you launch the app, you'll be met by a clock interface—almost like a watch—where you can run your finger around the circle to set an alarm. Hit ok and you're done. It's an attractive interface and super minimalist, but there are features hiding below the surface, so don't be fooled by the app's appearance. Alarms can be set to reoccur specific days of the week, and you can have multiple alarms running.

Like anything in Apple's universe, it won't work in the background, so you gotta boot it up every time you go to bed. It might be worth it, however, because Wake Alarm has a particular feature that heavy sleeper will love: a Shake feature to turn the alarm off. This feature works exactly how it sounds, and there are even shake levels that require you to work a little harder to get the alarm to turn off.

Other features of the app include a mode that gives users the ability to snooze (of course), that you can activate by slapping the screen, and turn off by flipping your device over. I'd recommend the shake mode if you really want to ensure you'll wake up—I'm willing to try anything that'll get me out of bed.

It doesn't track your sleeping habits, and it doesn't do much beyond the stock alarm app on iOS, but it does introduce a few extra elements that should (hopefully) get you out of bed on time. You snooze you lose. Don't lose.