Volkswagen has been working steadfastly to jump in on electric vehicles as the market shifts from gas-powered cars to full electric ones. It has unveiled multiple concepts as part of its I.D. electric line while setting 2020 as the goal for when it will release its first production EV to consumers. We have our first look at this supposed EV thanks to an apparent leak.

The leaked image, courtesy of Bild, looks similar to an I.D. concept VW announced in 2016. Of course, refinements have been made to make it seem less futuristic and more real-world based. Instead of the all-white finish with LED-laden logo and headlights, the leaked image shows off a silver paint job with black roof (likely housing a panoramic sunroof) and standard headlights that aren’t as ostentatious.

VW is basing the chassis of the car, which will reportedly be called “Neo,” after the Golf line. It certainly looks to be smaller, while the rear hatch adds some practicality to it.

Details about the Neo are few and those that are out there are more of strong guesses. Some of those peg the range to be between 250 and 375 miles (400 to 600 km). That’s on par with what current full-fledged EVs from Chevy and Tesla are getting.

As pricing is concerned, last year a VW executive stated the concept (as it was known at the time) would be priced between $7,000 to $8,000 cheaper than Tesla’s Model 3, which starts at $35,000 before federal rebates. That would seriously shake up the EV market.