You might want to keep your Netflix or Hulu subscription, but maybe you’ll add another this fall from Walmart. The retailer, through Vudu, could have the content you’re looking for. Based on information in a new report, Vudu will have a new tier that takes aim at Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and others in the video streaming space.

Walmart will soon offer a low-cost subscription that unlocks access to an on-demand library of movies and TV shows, according to Variety.

The subscription is expected to be priced at $8/mo and launch closer to the end of the year. Walmart would like to have it up and running in Q4 2018, the report says.

Vudu, which was acquired by the retailer in 2010, already allows its customers to purchase or rent movies on various devices. By using an existing brand, Walmart believes it can immediately gain traction despite other services having millions of subscribers at this point.

There are also plans to invest in original programming to bolster its on-demand library. More than anything else, it’s the extensive amount of in-house content that gives Netflix a boost over every other service. It’ll take some time for Walmart to have anything comparable on Vudu, but the report does make it clear the company knows it needs original programming.

Also, Walmart could abandon the project before anything is official. The video streaming space is incredibly competitive, but it’s dominated by only a handful of services. Plus, Vudu has been successful with its buy-or-rent model. Walmart doesn’t necessarily need to go further with a subscription.

The possibility of attaching a subscription to Vudu was entertained in early 2017, but the retailer dropped it for some unknown reason. Now, though, Walmart is engaged in conversations with media companies over licensing deals. So we could very well see Vudu’s premium tier by the holidays.