VSCO Cam, one of today’s best mobile photo editors, updated its iOS app on Thursday with a flurry of free new tools for expanded flexibility. To complement the app’s existing catalog of filters, the new tools—Highlights Tint and Shadows Tint—give users the ability to set a distinct color mood in their photos. Or, more simply, the ability to more accurately color balance images out. The best part? VSCO Cam 2.1 is already iOS 7 optimized.

The Highlights Tint and Shadows Tint add six subtle hues to VSCO Cam’s editing menu, and lets users take greater control of both highlights and shadows. Want a more somber tone to come across? Blue will do just fine. When you choose a particular color, you can, as usual, set the intensity so that the color is either really noticeable or barely there. The nice thing is that the new tools can be used on top of a Preset filter, meaning your images will have that distinct vintage vibe.

In addition to the new tools, the update also introduces enhanced thumbnail quality, memory management, ability to add a name to copyright EXIF data and a debugging menu so you can keep VSCO running in tip top shape. I’ve been using VSCO as my number one mobile editing app and I absolutely love it. The company has recently added new (and free!) preset filters, and this new update further improves upon the impressive foundation being set.

With new iPhones set to release next week, the optimization for iOS 7 is just in time. The company this summer started testing an Android version, but it’s unclear when a working version is set to hit. The update for iOS devices is available now for free in Apple’s App Store.