Virtual reality roller coasters are quickly becoming a “thing” thanks to Samsung’s Gear VR. But a new one named Galactica that opened at Alton Towers in the U.K recently broke down right as the ride started, leaving park-goers suspended in the air, presumably with their virtual reality headsets on. Awkward.

To make matters worse, CNBC said that the ride broke down during a “heavy rain” storm, which means all of those customers were just getting rained on, face down, completely stopped on a coaster that was presumably still showing them virtual reality content. Nightmare scenario for me. The good news? Nobody was hurt.

“This is a standard safety feature on this ride and the ride was working exactly as it was designed to do,” an Alton Towers spokesperson explained to CNBC, noting the ride’s automatic shutdown feature. Riders were only left in the rain for 20 minutes.