We've seen people make music videos, indie feature flicks and documentaries with their iPhones for a while now, and given that the iPhone 4S offered a better camera than its predecessors, it was only a matter of time before iPhone filmmaking offered an industry-laudable spectacle.

The Original iPhone Film Festival is being billed as the Oscars for iPhone moviemaking, but don't look for any red carpet drama and fanfare. What you might find, however, is a way to encourage visual storytelling. The only requirements for submissions was that iPhone users had to have captured and edited the short films solely on iPhone handsets — whether iPhone 4S, 4 or even older models. Participants were able to submit them into four categories — fiction, non-fiction, music video and brand film — with a dozen finalists selected by a panel of experts. These finalists will compete for community votes, with the winner getting the grand prize: A brand new Macbook Air.

All the finalists' entries are now online, and some are actually pretty interesting, with stuff like creative use of multiple iPhones (below), a storyline involving an Angry Bird, and a multi-dimensional theme complete with portals. If you're looking for some cheap, but fun entertainment, hit up the website in the source link to view the final 12 and place your vote.

[via ChipChick, source The Original iPhone Film Festival]