Disney Interactive is hosting a poll for which characters its fans most want to appear in Disney Infinity. Originally, it began as a write-in for any character, but Disney has whittled it down to just the final 20. What we now have is a very clear choice of who should be making the cut.

Head on over to the poll, and vote for "When there's trouble you call DW" Darkwing Duck! Yes, against all odds and some of the most popular animated stars of all time, the protagonist of this perfect 90s animated Batman spoof has landed himself among the final 20. Not only that, he has planted himself firmly as the Internet's darling.

Everyone is pulling for him!

And because of it, he's sitting in second place with 16 percent after 1,749,536 people have voted in the poll! The only character with more is Mabel from Gravity Pines who is cruising to an easy victory with 68 percent. I guess the best Disney cartoon of the 90s is no match for Disney's hottest cartoon of today.

Of course it's hard to say "no" to a few others. Baloo is a wonderful choice, and we all know that Captain Hook, Goofy, and The Beast are shoe-ins in Disney's eyes. Vote for someone who needs that little extra support. Let's get dangerous.

Despite being the perfect video game character, Darkwing Duck hasn't appeared in a video game since his own excellent NES action title, and its high time Disney rectify that. His Disney Infinity figurine would look nice next to my Mega Man amiibo. Can't stop those Capcom Disney NES games.