Volvo officially announced the price of the Volvo V90 this week. If you forget, it’s the company’s all-new wagon that’s a more luxurious take on the otherwise sporty Volvo V90 Cross Country. Think of it as the S90, just in wagon form. Pricing will start at $49,950 for the T5 FWD R-Design model, Volvo said on Friday.

Folks who live where it’s bound to snow might want to either consider the aforementioned Cross Country or the higher-tier T6 AWD option. “The V90 will be available with either Volvo’s T5 FWD, turbo-charged Drive-E engine or T6 AWD, turbo and super-charged powertrain in Inscription or R-Design trim,” Volvo explained. You’ll find all sorts of luxury options that have appeared in Volvo’s “all-new” cars of late, such as the autonomous driving functions, the 12-inch entertainment display, a panoramic moonroof, leather seats, Apple CarPlay and more. Swedish luxury, man. If my experience in the other all-new Volvo cars is anything to go by, these things are super comfortable to ride in and drive.

If you’re really into Swedish cars, Volvo’s willing to sell you a sort of vacation package, too.

Dedicated Volvo V90 fans:

“V90 customers that wish to have the full Scandinavian experience can choose Overseas Delivery, which provides two paid airline tickets and hotel accommodations to Gothenburg, Sweden,” the company said. “Customers will receive a tour of the factory where their V90 was assembled and then pick up their car at Volvo’s Factory Delivery Experience Center. V90 owners can drive the car throughout Europe and drop it off at a designated port for shipping back to the United States. Customers can order the V90 through Overseas Delivery via Volvo Concierge, by calling 1-800-631-1667, or a Volvo retailer.”

Pretty sexy wagon, for sure. I’m more attracted to the XC90 and V90 Cross Country since they seem a little more rugged, but I’d totally pull up to the country club in this. Wilbur! Pull the car around!