Volvo has announced that Apple's CarPlay platform is now supported in its XC90. The software will be available as an extra with all 2016 models, while some existing XC90 owners will be able to get it installed at their local Volvo dealer.

Volvo was one of many car companies that signed up to support CarPlay when it made its debut last year, but until now, it has not made the platform available in any of its vehicles. Now the Swedish firm is looking to change that, starting with the XC90.

Vehicles with CarPlay installed will automatically display the CarPlay interface when an iPhone is plugged into its USB port. However, Apple's software will only take up half of the XC90's 9-inch touchscreen, leaving the other half to Volvo's own Sensus system.

That means that when you use CarPlay, you don't lose the Sensus technology you're already used to — and you'll still be able to access all of its features behind the wheel without having to fiddle around with virtual buttons.

New XC90 models will be available with CarPlay pre-installed for a "small cost," Volvo told CNET. It's unclear what that will be yet, but Volvo is expected to clarify that soon. Existing XC90 owners can also have the software installed for them at a Volvo dealer.

Volvo will also embrace CarPlay's biggest rival, Android Auto, in 2016. It's likely Google's platform will be integrated in the same way — sharing the screen with Volvo's Sensus system — and customers will be able to choose which platform they would prefer to use.