It was probably last year at gamescom that Mike Bithell went from a developer only known in diehard gamer circles to someone on the grand stage. It was at that show’s PlayStation press conference that Bithell took the stage and introduced Volume, an old school stealth game with creativity in mind.

Bithell’s first game was the much loved Thomas Was Alone. Volume looks completely different, and it now has a release date. You can catch a look at the game in motion and that date in the trailer posted at the head of this clip.

Here’s how Bithell describes the game’s news on the trailer’s page.

We’ve been waiting excitedly to tell all of you our release date. So, while we feverishly fix bugs and polish the game to a fine sheen, here’s a release date announcement trailer for your perusal.

Volume will make its console and portable debuts on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. It will also release on the PC. We’re not sure how long this exclusivity will last. It might be forever. The only consoles left twisting in the wind are the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Xbox One. Who knows what will happen there…

Volume is set to launch on the PS Vita, PlayStation 4 and PC on Aug. 18, 2015.