Traditionally, Voltron is made up up five lions bots that come together to form one huge warrior bot. That’s held true right up through the Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender. This summer, the latest rendition of the defender of the universe will take a few more than five pieces. Raise that number up to 2,321, because Voltron is colliding head-on with LEGO to make the LEGO set I’ve wanted more than any LEGO set ever in my entire life.

Voltron is modeled after the 1984 Voltron: Defender of the Universe version of the robot, and is the biggest buildable LEGO mech ever, according to the official press release sent out by LEGO. The set features “buildable and posable black, blue, yellow, red and green lions with specially-designed, extra-strong joins to combine them all and create the Voltron super robot.” The set includes a huge sword and shield that attach to Voltron’s hands, too.

You can build the lions individually and keep them that way, of course, but we all know no one is going to actually leave them like that unless they buy two sets. When you put the full robot together, you’ll be able to pose the head, shoulders, arms, and wrists of the robot, but the legs are not posable. Once built, it’ll stand at about 15-inches tall and 8-inches wide, with each lion clocking in at 3-inches tall and 7-inches long.

The set will be available on August 1 for $179.99, but if you’re going to Comic-Con you may be able to snatch one of the limited quantities available at the show, too. While you wait, there are six seasons of the new show up on Netflix, and we’ve loved every one of them.