Piracy has been been striking hard against one of the better indie games of the year. Volgarr the Viking found success on Kickstarter and was nabbed up by Adult Swim Games before being released on Steam just last month.

This tough-as-nails throwback to Taito’s classic Rastan will punish you into oblivion, but some are choosing to break the rules in order to take their masochistic beating for free.

Development team Crazy Viking Studios announced on its Twitter page a staggering statistic that is almost heartbreaking to read.

About 4% of the people playing Volgarr paid for it. That’s why those that purchased it are super important to us, you keep the dream alive!

It’s heartbreaking for fans of the indie scene to see a cheap game still be stolen. It’s heartbreaking for Adult Swim who just wants to do the right thing and be a good publisher. It’s heartbreaking for the donators who got this game made in the first place.

It’s most heartbreaking for the team who dedicated countless hours of their lives into making the best game they possibly could only to see their dream squandered and stolen by a bunch of cheapskates.

Please, if you want to play Volgarr the Viking, or any indie game for that matter, be sure to do so through legal means. Stealing from the big time publishers is bad enough, but this is really putting the hurt on some talented people out there.

And be sure to check out Volgarr the Viking on GOG.com, Steam, or its own official website. It’s one of the most painful $12 you’ll ever spend.