Sure, Siri on the iPhone 4S has been much-hyped, with everyone trying to get on the voice command bandwagon (including older iPhone users, who are not exactly thrilled that the old Siri third-party app was taken off the App Store). But please, that was so three months ago. Maybe voice control was hot before, but a new feature will be coming along, and it looks sweet enough to unseat voice control as a new next-generation "It" feature.

No, I'm not talking the Samsung Galaxy NexusICS Face Unlock — at least not specifically, but it's actually pretty close. Yep, we're talking about sight control. Considering front-facing cameras have become standard on modern smartphones, should it surprise anyone to see the rise of creative visual-input capabilities? In this case, we're talking about something called Senseye, a technology that uses the front cam to detect a user's eye movements.

Like Face Unlock, it can wake a phone on sight, but can also do things like scrolling up and down webpages as you peruse sites, battling enemies in games or flipping Tetris blocks by just looking at them. We've seen some pretty cool concepts over the years, but this one's a little different. First, the software actually exists, though in rough form. And according to the company, it shouldn't take decades to reach us either. The makers think a commercial version could be ready to hit Android devices sometime next year.

The unit used in the video looks like a big casing — as it's embedded with a set of infrared LEDs — but the end product would either come via native integration or by way of a USB dongle (so previously released devices can get in on the action).

When I posted "The Future of Technology," one of the reader comments in the thread described a yearning for technology that can read our minds. Well, @MotorMan2000, this seems to be pretty close, no?

[via Tecca]