Following Tuesday's court decision that granted Apple a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe, it was inevitable that retailers would soon begin suspending the Android tablet. The first big name to put the device on hold in the U.K. is Vodafone, which has now ceased taking new pre-orders.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1A spokesperson for the carrier issued a statement to Pocket-lint which reads:

"We're aware of legal proceedings between Apple and Samsung in Germany in connection with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. We're in discussions with Samsung about the position in the UK. In the meantime, we will be suspending pre-orders and contacting customers who have already placed orders. We will update our customers as soon as possible."

Customers who have already pre-ordered the device through Vodafone, and those that were planning to, this will surely be disappointing news. I'm a fan of Apple's iPad but I was still looking forward to some healthy competition from Samsung's Android tablet, and I genuinely believe it's a shame that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 won't be on sale in Europe anytime soon.

Samsung has, however, expressed its disappointment with the decision made by the German court and promised that it will do all it can to deliver the device to its European customers. In a statement published on its U.S. website, Samsung remains positive that the device will be available on the other side of the Atlantic:

"It should be noted that this order does not permanently prevent the sale of the GALAXY Tab 10.1 in Europe, but is a temporary measure imposed by the court until the patent claim is heard. Also, products already distributed to German retailers following the launch on August 5 are not affected by this injunction."

To those keen to get their hands on the device in the U.K., all is not lost just yet. The injunction does not appear to cover stock already on store shelves and so some retailers are continuing to sell the Galaxy Tab. The Dixons Store Group, which owns PC World and Curry's, told Pocket-lint:

"We have had no legal instruction to remove the Samsung Galaxy Tab from sale."

So, for the time begin, at least, your local PC World or Curry's store should be able to hook you up with one of Samsung's devices, which could soon become a rarity in the U.K.

Will you be rushing out to grab a Galaxy Tab before they all disappear?

[via Pocket-lint]