5G is set to be the next breakthrough in the tech industry, and while we're a long way from everyone being able to enjoy the benefits of 5G, visitors to Manchester airport in the UK can now join in the fun. This morning, Vodafone created the UK's first 5G connected airport in Manchester, with other major airports and railway stations set to follow in the next year.

The company's first tests found that you can download an entire box set four times faster over 5G compared to 4G. This might not seem like much (6 minutes vs 26 minutes), but we've all been there just before a long flight and being able to download a box set can be the difference between a good flight and a very bad one, especially if you're traveling with young children.

To access 5G at Manchester airport, you won't be able to use your regular phone as 5G phones aren't available yet (although we're expecting the first 5G phones to launch in the next few weeks). Instead, Vodafone used its Gigacube device which is basically just a portable router connected to the 5G network that's being trialed in the city.

What's the experience like? Vodafone's short video recap explains more:

Next time you're traveling through Manchester's Terminal One, visit Vodafone's 5G 'blast pod' and let us know what you think of 5G!