VLC released its first official app for Chrome OS last week, and now the company’s pushing out a pretty big iOS update for its fans.

VLC 2.7 for iOS includes support for split-screen view with iOS 9 and the option to keep the app secure with Touch ID. Other improvements include Spotlight search, gestures, support for albums that have more than a single disk, URL stream sync access across platforms and even support for the Apple Watch.

The company announced Apple TV plans back in September and, following recent beta testing, said that users can expect its tvOS application “very soon,” 9to5Mac said.

If you’re not familiar with the app, VLC makes it easy to watch videos regardless of their file format, and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. On computers and mobile devices, the app has become a popular choice for many, and we hope it will be just as powerful on the new Apple TV.

For now you can grab VLC for iOS and watchOS via the App Store link below.