VLC spent almost two months beta testing its first Apple TV app, but it was worth the wait. The popular video player launched for tvOS on Tuesday with a bunch of great new features.

The app still offers almost everything you expect from VLC, and it can handle “virtually all formats under the sun.” As soon as you boot it up you’ll see a grid of all the videos stored on your local network. It also offers subtitles in pretty much any language you can imagine thanks to an integration with OpenSubtitles.

The biggest addition to VLC for Apple TV is probably the app’s new casting capabilities. If the video you want to watch isn’t stored on your local network, just pick Remote Playback and the app will show you a web address to visit on your computer browser. From there you can simply drag the video into your browser and it will play automatically on your TV.

The same feature also supports streaming video sites. Just copy the URL and paste it in the Remote Playback page. In both cases you can queue up multiple videos at once. All these files will also be stored locally on the Apple TV as long as you have enough storage space.

VLC included another unique feature that lets you control the playback speed; it’s particularly useful if you’re watching a boring lecture for school and want to get through it a little faster.

The Apple TV app is still missing a few things, including  support for cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Box. VLC says it’s already testing cloud services in beta and an update offering those options should be available soon. You can grab VLC now via the App Store link below, or by searching directly in the Apple TV App Store.