Vizio has announced the company is jumping into the PC-making game with a few all-in-ones and notebooks, aiming to make "the personal computer a true entertainment device." Vizio has previously earned a reputation in the HDTV space for producing beautiful, affordable products – the company's PC effort will be no different. Vizio hopes its experience in the living room space, along with Microsoft's expertise, will help the company transition into the competitive PC market. Thought Apple products were beautiful? Wait until you see these.

Vizio will offer 24 and 27-inch all-in-one PCs that look like something out of the latest Mission Impossible movie. They're sleek, clean and impressively designed with what looks to be aluminum. The company is also hitting consumers with 14 and 15.6-inch light laptops along with a 15.6-inch regular old laptop. No specs were offered for either lineup as of yet.

Vizio's new computers are expected to arrive in the spring, sporting a clean install of Windows 7 completely free of any bloatware, the company said.

Vizio Computers