When Vivo released its new Nex flagship, it impressed by ushering a new design that pushed boundaries. But now we’re starting to see some of the minor annoyances that come with a pop-up camera.

First reported by Abacus, multiple users in China have reported that the selfie camera on their Vivo Nex has been popping up unexpectedly when not prompted. One user posted a video of him opening the messaging app Telegram, and when he went to a conversation with an online contact, the camera pops up though the camera app is not open.

Other users reported using Tencent’s QQ browser and the booking app Ctrip when the camera made an unwelcome appearance.

Naturally, this is freaking people out, because it feeds into the theory that smartphone cameras are being used to spy.

In response to the situation, Tencent released an explanation on its forum saying the browser uses the camera for QR codes, so when opening the app it briefly connects with the camera, which is why it opens up. It’s a similar function apps have with current phones though since the camera doesn’t pop up, users never notice the function.

Vivo responded to Abacus regarding the report and stated it is aware of the issue.