Mercedes teased a second image of its next-generation car on Monday, also giving the concept a brand new name. The image you see above is officially the "Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6."

CNET's Road Show explained a bit more about the vehicle, noting that the "Vision" moniker indicates that this is a concept from Mercedes and, perhaps, not a real road-ready car just yet. Mercedes has used the "Vision" name in earlier concepts, but Road Show thinks this one might actually make it into production looking rather similar to what you see above.

Mercedes didn't provide any information on the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, simply publishing the above photo. It's satisfying enough with headlights that appear to glow like a predator's eyes focusing on its prey. In three more days we'll know all about the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6. We can spend our time dreaming about it until then.