Dealing with carriers is usually an arduous process. From long contracts and confusing terminology to additional taxes and fees being added to your monthly bill, it's usually one big headache. These are problems Visible aims to solve with its one plan offering unlimited access to Verizon's network for $40. Plus, for a limited time, if you buy a phone through Visible and sign up for its service, you can snag up to a $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account while also making the most of competitive device prices.

A visibly great deal

iPhone X at Visible

With unlimited access to Verizon's network for just $40 per month, savings on the phone, and $200 to spend online, this deal is a no-brainer if you're in the market for a carrier change.

$798 + $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account

Take the iPhone X, for example. It's available from $768 via Visible and you also get that $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account. Not only is the phone offered for less than it is elsewhere, but it also comes unlocked and with money to spend online.

Visible's service is super simple with just one plan. It costs $40 a month and gives you unlimited talk, text, and data. Visible runs on Verizon's network so it has some of the best coverage in the United States compared to its competitors. Visible's plan also includes free Wi-Fi calling and mobile hotspot access. You're not tied into a contract, either, so you can leave as you please (though you must make at least two monthly payments to qualify for the above deal).

Onboarding is really simple, too, with everything done via the Visible app or website. You don't have to waste time on the phone to a call center or in line at a store. There are no hidden fees, pushy sales people, or legalese fine print to contend with. All told, $40 per month for what Visible offers is a total steal with or without the extra incentive of up to $200 to spend online. Our pals at Android Central took an in-depth look at Visible's service and found much the same.

To qualify for the Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account deal, all you have to do is buy an eligible device from Visible and pay for your first two months of service. You'll then get an activation code sent to you via email. Purchasing a device over $400 nets you a $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account and purchasing a device under $400 grants you a $100 account.

If you already have a phone you love and want to keep, you can still make the most of this promotion by bringing your device to Visible. Just activate it, pay for two months of service, and they will email you a $100 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account too. Your Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account can be used for internet purchases or phone/mail orders wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted. Check out all the details here.

There are, of course, other affordable devices available via Visible that still qualify for this promotion including the Moto G7 Power, Google Pixel 3, iPhone 8, and more.

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