Virgin Mobile iPhone

Virgin Mobile is preparing to open its first ten retail stores tomorrow, in Chicago, the day it begins offering prepaid iPhones. The carrier hopes the retail locations will help it generate a profit from the iPhone sales, Bloomberg said Thursday. Leap is the only other prepaid carrier in the United States that offers a prepaid iPhone although, technically, you can purchase an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on all of the major carriers without a contract, too. Virgin Mobile typically sells its phones in big box retailers such as Best Buy and RadioShack, Virgin Mobile vice president Jeff Auman told Bloomberg.

"We think there's good demand for high-end devices like the iPhone in the prepaid market," Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told Bloomberg. "There's a misperception that the prepaid market is only for people that are economically challenged. That's not the case. Our expectation, based on preorders, is that the iPhone will do very well on Virgin."

MetroPCS isn't as bullish on a prepaid iPhone just yet. "If we were able to see the iPhone in the LTE, we'd certainly be interested," the carrier's president Tom Keys told Bloomberg.

[via Bloomberg]