Virgin Mobile this week introduced a pretty unique online ad campaign that puts viewers in control of the content being displayed on their screen. By using face and motion detection, the campaign, known as BlinkWashing, lets viewers essentially "change" what commercial they see; each of the 25 videos has their own specific storyline, but the underlying message is consistent across the board. BlinkWashing is part of Virgin's "Retrain Your Brain" initiative.

Basically, the interactive YouTube experience reacts to the blink of an eye through motion and face detection, and cycles through the 25 videos every time a viewer blinks. Each video has the same script, but they each play out very differently. When I did it, I saw maybe six videos; transitions were surprisingly smooth, and each video was fresh and much different from the last.

Tim Rodgers, Creative Partner at rehabstudio (the company that produced BlinkWashing) explained that words between the videos were time-coded, creating a smart caching system that allows for such seamless switching when a viewer blinks. Doug Vosik, Brand Team, Virgin Mobile USA, said the new campaign is in an effort to teach consumers about the Virgin brand, while creating a fun, more interactive experience. BlinkWashing is definitely unique, and ditches the typical advertising formula for something that's more creative.

The video above is merely an introduction; we're unable to embed the actual BlinkWashing experience. To learn more about Virgin and why it believes consumers are complacent with their current carrier plans, check the video out, and hit up the source link. If anything, it's a neat experience that  upholds Virgin's excellent "Retrain Your Brain" initiative, which definitely isn't afraid to take its own approach.