Virgin America already offers some of the best in-flight entertainment around with tons of video content, music and even the option to text chat with your fellow passengers. Now the company’s Red service is getting even better thanks to a new system based on Android.

This means tons of new features are coming. That includes swipe and pinch-to-zoom gesture controls for each new Panasonic HD display. You’ll also be able to to play classic arcade games such as Pac-Man and Asteroids, or access entire seasons of TV shows thanks to the system’s new solid state servers.

Virgin America says it will offer three times as much content as before. Even better, the company is adding 3D audio that works with your own headphones. There’s also a new enhanced map app for tracking your flight.

Moving forward, the airline will be able to update the system more quickly and frequently thanks to its Android backbone. “For me personally the most exciting thing about this new system is not so much what it is today but what it can become in the future,” said Ken Bieler, Virgin America’s director of cabin system, product design and innovation. “It gives us a new platform to really innovate and draw out new capabilities and new features and bring them to all our guests on a much faster basis.”

We can’t wait to try it for ourselves, though for now you can live vicariously through the photo gallery up top or an official tour video below.