What Does the Fox Say

Another year is drawing to a close, and that means it's time to look back at the top viral videos of 2013.

This year was a bit more difficult than previous ones as music videos have been climbing the charts in larger numbers so it becomes difficult to discern what is truly a top viral video of 2013 and what is just a popular music video. There were some clear winners, however, and while there was nothing with the success of say "Gangnam Style" – which crossed every popularity line there was – there were still some very solid contenders.

Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

This is one of those videos that the first time you saw it you weren't quite sure what you were watching, but you found yourself coming back to it multiple times, and then you couldn't get the song out of your head. Admit it… you're singing it right now without even clicking play. It was eventually parodied by Saturday Night Live, locking it as one top viral videos of 2013.

Do The Harlem Shake

The original Harlem Shake video that spawned thousands of copies and made you come to really dread the next one that was sure to show up in your subscription box.

Chris Hadfield – Space Oddity

Chris Hadfield, the one time commander of the International Space Station, filmed this music video before returning to Earth from his last ever mission to space. The mixture of a descent singing voice with being able to actually film it in space made for an irritable combination for many.

How Animals Eat Their Food

While amusing in its own right, "How Animals Eat Their Food" also made you wonder how no one ended up int he hospital after filming this.

An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West's Gone

Marina Shifrin found one of the most creative ways ever to quit her job. I guess she showed her boss on her way out how you truly get hits for a video.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

Crafted to promote the 2013 remake of the film Carrie, the video certainly caught a lot of eyeballs, but it didn't turn into huge box office for the film. It ended up grossing $78.56 million globally off of a $30 million dollar budget. It was profitable, but with the number of views this video received you would have thought it would do more.

Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire!

You have to hand it to Jimmy Kimmel, he got us. This video made it on to so many news broadcasts it was amazing. When he finally revealed it was a hoax everyone was just a bit stunned.

Prancercise: A Fitness Workout

Although it was actually published on Dec. 25, 2012, Joanna Rohrback and her Prancercise video didn't catch on for a little while. You have to hand it to her, as crazy as we all thought it was, this video landed her on talk shows, numerous interviews and even a television commercial.

The Ohio State University Marching Band Performs their Hollywood Blockbuster Show

As a former marching band member, my hat is off to them. I remember when it once took us two weeks to get a spinning wheel formation to work for the Wheel of Fortune theme.

#XMAS JAMMIES – Merry Christmas from the Holderness Family!

When you have a video production company, is there anything you want more than a promotional video/family video card to go viral? Probably not. The Holderness family has a video company, and this may have been the best Christmas gift they could have ever wished for.

"#Hashtag" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake pretty much sum up every problem there is with every social network that uses hashtags.

Captain Picard sings "Let it Snow!"

You have to love any video that includes "Shut up, Wesley!" And you also have to admite the time and dedication this must have taken.

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

Van Damme doing the splits was always interesting to watch. Add in doing it on moving trucks and you get one of the top viral videos of 2013.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version)

Besides watching the quite amusing reactions, the next thing everyone said was, "Wait, Chatroulette still exists?"

Meteorite crash in Russia

Proving that not all viral videos have to be humorous, this collection of video from when the meteorite streaked over Russia is just awe inspiring.

What did you consider the top viral videos of 2013?

Correction: An earlier version of this post showed the TSCS version of the "Harlem Shake" as being the original. It has now been replaced with the true original by Filthy_Frank.