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Gadget: iPod nano 2nd generation. This was the second iPod nano. It came in six colours and 2-8GB.

Owner: Kieran

Purchase Date: 10 June 2007 on my birthday. I had the choice between a new phone or the iPod. So I went for the iPod. 
Price: Something around €110 or $149 
Why I bought it: I was really starting to get into music, and I had an old mp3 player my mum used to use. But it had like 1GB memory. Which compared to my friends and there 2GB memory was tiny. So obviously being young. I wanted a new one better than my friends and So I looked around, and found the iPod. I was really annoyed when I got it though. I had to get the smallest version. Oh well 
Best feature: It carried music and digital photos. 
Still working?: Yup. Although I don’t think I can add music to it anymore. The software has gone out of date. But still working. The battery is weaker though. I tried using it on a 3 hour journey. Lasted about 2 hours which is not bad 
What made me replace it: I got an iPhone 3Gs. Which also replaced my previous Sony Erricson K750i. So the iPod wasn’t alone. 
Why I’m still hanging on/why you gave it up: I have still hung onto it because it was my first portable device. One that I owned. And it got me into being an Apple fanatic.
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