Vintage Buffalo is a weekly feature here at TechnoBuffalo where we take a look at our old gadgets, why we bought them, and what made us replace them.  Are you like us and hanging on to some gadget relics of the past? Submit your story to [email protected] be featured in a future Vintage Buffalo!

Gadget: Creative Zen Stone
Owner: Joe Rodriguez
Purchase Date: October 31st, 2007
Price: Can’t Recall
Why I bought it: Never owned a MP3 player
Best feature: 1GB of storage
Still working?: Very, when my iPod Touch dies, My zen comes in as back-up
What made me replace it: The iPod Touch
Why I’m still hanging on/why you gave it up Comes in handy since it barely uses any battery power, and its audio quality is surprisingly on par with my iPod

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Why I bought it:
Best feature:
Still working?:
What made me replace it:
Why I’m still hanging on/why you gave it up