Vine is interesting, and very addictive. Under Twitter’s wing, the platform gives users the opportunity to capture and easily share six second video clips—the results can be great. The service has just launched, so it’s still in its infancy, but I can’t wait to see what kind of videos people come up with.

That being said, one website has been setup to show an endless stream of Vine videos in realtime, as they’re uploaded. It’s… interesting, and also beautiful and creepy all at once. Most of the videos are unremarkable: people walking, eating, drinking, etc. But some people are at events, visiting cities, hanging out with their families. It’s boring and thoroughly entertaining. 

I’ve had the site pulled up for the last five minutes, and I’ve seen a concert, many dogs, the beach, car rides, confused babies, food being consumed, rain, etc. Seeing lives summarized into six second snippets is truly mesmerizing, if a bit weird. Suddenly you’re thrust directly into a stranger’s life as they go about their day, like a reality show or something awful like that.

If anything, it shows how simple Vine is to use, and how anxious people are to share their lives. Seeing the window constantly cycle through multiple home videos is like staring at a weird time capsule. Check it out for yourself, and be careful what you share. wasn’t built by either Twitter or Vine, so hurry and take a look before it gets pulled (if at all).