Vine is making it easier to record six-second selfies with a new upgrade on Tuesday. And teenagers everywhere yelped with excitement. It won't be long before everyone is awkwardly holding their phone, arm extended in front of them, at the pep rally or in a restaurant.

Those looking for more creative ways to take advantage of the platform can now use the iPhone's front-facing camera in version 1.1. Twitter's little standalone media app has grown in prominence since its release in January, with recognition at the Tribeca Film Festival and Twitter's own Jack Dorsey declaring Vine's dizzying loop model as the pinnacle of art.

"I think it's an entirely new art form, and I think it's amazing," Dorsey said.

You can download the update right now, which also includes a more refined mentions system. The overall aesthetic is still the same, though. Start Vine-ing your pretty mug. Hopefully Vine for Android launches soon, too.