vine vs instagram

The number of Vine video links posted on Twitter per day is about to surpass the number of Instagram links posted to the same site for the first time, according to a graph compiled by The New York Times columnist Nick Bilton on Topsy. The six-second video-sharing app has seen a recent uptick in usage over the past week while photo-sharing app Instagram saw a slow decline.

The news shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been following the two popular apps over the past few months. The video-sharing app's rising use on Twitter (which owns the app) is almost certainly thanks to Vine's expansion onto Android, which more than doubled the number of potential users.

Meanwhile, Instagram's steady decline in Twitter shares is likely a result of the decision by Facebook, which famously bought the app for $1 billion, to remove a line of code from the photo-sharing service which allowed the photos to display in expanded tweets on Twitter.

In fact it's surprising to see that Instagram's decline on Twitter has been so slow, while Vine's growth post-Android expansion has been relatively gradual, suggesting that Bilton's graph may be slightly off. Either way, it's clear that Vine will soon surpass Instagram on Twitter (if it hasn't already).