Vine on Thursday announced that it has totally revamped its homepage,, where users can now browse videos from the social network's millions of users. You don't have to sign in, simply head to the page and start flipping through the channels to find brand new 6-second content.

Like puppy videos? Head to the animal channel to find quick clips of mutts running around. More interested in travel? Head to the travel channel and browse the latest popular videos.

The goal was to create an experience that's just as fun and simple to use as Vine's mobile app, though with a more curated focus. If you want to find specific content, you can use a new search more for browsing specific locations, tags and people.There's still a TV mode for viewing in full screen. On the left, you'll also see trending tags, playlists and more. There's even a new "featured Viners" area to find some of the most popular contributors. If you  want, you can always log in to view your feed, and you'll still be able to access all of the new sections available on the homepage.

It sounds a bnit like Vine is making the YouTube approach, especially with the different channels and highlighted user accounts. Personally, I'm more interested in following folks I know in real life, though I do enjoy stumbling across a funny Vine now and again.